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 How old do you have to be to play the North Carolina State Lottery?
You must be at least 18 years old in order to play North Carolina State Lottery.
 Wondering how much you won?
Listed below are direct links to the Prize Payout tables for each game:

Powerball with Power Play
Mega Millions with Megaplier
Cash 5
Pick 3
Pick 4
 What is a Quick Pick?
"Quick Picks" are numbers randomly selected by the Lottery computer system for the specific game you choose.
 Can someone buy North Carolina State Lottery tickets through the mail?
In North Carolina, federal law and postal regulations do not allow an non-played lottery ticket to be mailed across state lines. Lottery tickets must be purchased at an authorized North Carolina State Lottery retailer.
 If I win the North Carolina State Lottery can I remain anonymous?
The North Carolina Education Lottery considers a winner's name, city/county address and the prize amount a matter of public record. If they winner can produce a valid protective order or Address Confidentiality Program authorization card this information will be released.
 How long do I have until I must claim a prize I won?
If you have won on an Instant scratch-off game, you have 90 days from the official announced end of game to claim your prize. If you decide to mail the ticket in, the ticket must be received by the North Carolina Education Lottery within 90 days, postmarks do no satisfy this requirement. Ticket purchases like Powerball and Mega Millions must be redeemed within 180 days of the drawing for which the ticket was purchased.
 How and where do I claim a winning ticket?
A winning ticket with a prize value less than $600 can be collected at any North Carolina Education Lottery retailer or Regional Office.
A winning ticket with a prize value between $600 and $99,999.99 must be claimed at the North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters, at any North Carolina Education Lottery Regional Office or by mail using a North Carolina Education Lottery claim form.
A winning ticket whose prize amount is of $100,000 or more must be claimed in person at the North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters.
All prizes that are above $600 must be presented with a photo I.D. and proof of Social Security Number.


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